Clowns for your home or event all over Sydney

Blacktown Clowns

THE Clown Company will make your home or corporate event sparkle with friendly professional clowns.

And the good news is they travel to homes and venues all over Western and Greater Sydney.

You can choose from one, two, three or more clowns to come to your event and they are all great with kids. Their costumes are more fairy like than traditional clowns and they don’t wear white paint which can be ‘off putting’ for some little ones.

The Clown Company provides all its own equipment to your front door such as a rope for tug-o-war, wiggly worm and limbo, a table for face painting, pass the parcel which has a prize in every layer, an iPod and dock or CD player with a variety of music and anything else they need.

A meet and greet is arranged where they come out and see you before the party to give you a thank you gift for booking with them and to also to check out the space.

Visit: The Clown Company – WeComeToYou

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