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As a vibrant and progressive growth centre Dubbo is at the forefront of development and investment in regional NSW, Australia. Dubbo has an LGA population of more than 54,000 people and is well serviced by road, rail and air. With a vibrant business community Dubbo is also known for its tourist attractions which draws visitors from throughout Australia and internationally.

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Private swimming lessons in your own home pool

AQUAMOBILE provides private swimming lessons and lifeguarding services right at your own home pool.

In your busy life taking your kids to and from swimming lessons after school or on the weekend can be very time consuming.

The answer is Aquamobile – they come to you.

If you want your little swimmer to get a head start when it comes to pool safety play time, this is the perfect answer.

Aquamobile Swim School has helped thousands of babies, infants, toddlers and adults all over Australia learn life-saving water safety skills through our infant swim lessons and toddler swim lessons.