Connect with health professionals at home

Connect with health professionals at home

HEALTHBANK is a new online platform connecting practitioners and patients in a time when it’s needed most.

A seamless, user-friendly approach to telehealth, HealthBank gives health and medical professionals the tools to quickly and easily shift to virtual care.

HealthBank is Australia’s first purpose-built health and wellness platform that allows practitioners to run their business remotely and treat patients in need.

It will also provide patients the ability to seek medical and health advice from their home, without having to sit in a waiting room with others.

With the impact of pandemic and the Australian healthcare system facing mounting pressure daily, this new online platform, which offers far more medical resources than a Zoom or Skype video call, will help people receive access to health services, independent of their location.

The most needed roles right now are GP’s and they are encouraged to use this simple online service as a method to see patients at any time of the day or night.

With people being encouraged to stay home, many other healthcare professionals outside of GP’s will also benefit from these virtual consultations:

  1. Psychologists.
    Many Australians might have to self-isolate because of being exposed to the virus, even if they don’t contract it. Their main option to access health services during this time is via video. These people may also experience ‘cabin fever’ and stress/anxiety from having to self-isolate.
  2. Nutritionists.
    Online appointments allow education of patients on how to optimize immunity to reduce the risk of contracting coronavirus as well as providing strategies of how to manage lesser flu-like symptoms.
  3. Dietitians.
    Telehealth appointments show how to prepare and optimize nutrition, diet, and food choices during a period of self-isolation. During this time, people are more likely to consume pantry staples and lack fresh meats, fruit, and vegetables. Also, with gyms being closed exercise may decline, which puts some people at risk of weight gain. Dietitians can play a pivotal role in helping people keep weight off during this time.
  4. Exercise Physiologists.
    With gyms currently closed, online appointments allow at-home exercise programs to be developed.

While HealthBank promotes a virtual service, the same principles apply as if you were going into a clinic. Records are still filed, and test results are securely kept. Practitioners can monitor the health of their patients all within one platform.


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